Groove armada - final shakedown

The idea for V came in 1996 when Pulp 's front man Jarvis Cocker said that he would love to play two outdoor venues in two days. Pulp's promoters got together and came up with the idea of putting the gig into Victoria Park Warrington and Hylands Park Chelmsford giving fans in both the North and South a chance to see the band. Then came the idea of adding more bands to the bill, putting on a second stage and letting people camp for the weekend. In the end Victoria Park was just too small for 3 stages and camping. So in August 1996 there was one day of artists in Victoria Park and 2 days at Hylands Park with camping. The northern leg of V97 was switched to Temple Newsam , Leeds to provide room for camping and three stages. In 1999 the Northern leg of the festival was moved to Weston Park in Staffordshire , and has remained there since.

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Groove Armada - Final ShakedownGroove Armada - Final ShakedownGroove Armada - Final ShakedownGroove Armada - Final Shakedown

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